Combined Building & Termite Inspections

Of all the house inspection services that we offer, the Combined Building and Termite Inspection is the best value for money.

Our Combined  Building and Termite Inspection considers all aspects of the property. With over 25 years hands on hands on experience in the building industry we uncover defects that an untrained eye would leave undetected. When defects are discovered we will tell you what the defect is, where the defect is and what are the likely consequences if the defect is not repaired.

We are truly independent and work for you not the Builder or Real Estate Agent, we make ourselves available to discuss the content of the report with you in detail. 

We are fully aware that speed can be of the essence and there is no doubt that where possible, cost savings are at the forefront of any potential purchaser.

Therefore we are sure that you will recognise our Combined Building and Termite Inspection not only saves you money but provide you with all necessary information within 24 hours of the inspections, well in advance of making your final commitment to buy.


In order to fit in with your timetable, we can carry out inspections either in the morning or afternoon and we even operate six days a week! If you feel it necessary, you may meet our inspectors when they arrive at the property but please, don’t interrupt them whilst they are doing the inspection as you may inadvertently distract them. Once we have received your instructions, we will make all the necessary arrangements either with the vendor, builder or nominated estate agent so that we are able to get into the property.

Although it is highly unlikely, should any of our inspectors cause any on-site damage during the course of the inspections, we carry full insurance for both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity risks.

Our Building Inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards 4349.1 whilst our Termite and Pest inspections comply with the Australian Standards 4349.3.

We will also give you some simple checks to do so that you can carry these out yourself in the future to help protect your property. If you do need any advice however, please do not hesitate to contact Brett at any time or call 0405 327 855.