Pre-Auction Property Inspections

“Do I really need a Building Inspection before I bid for a property at an auction?”


There is no doubt that when you go to bid for a property at auction, it can sometimes be a very risky business. You are trying to decide as to whether the property is really worth the price you are prepared to pay or indeed if it have some faults that no one has pointed out to you.

You need to remember two specific points – Home Insurance does not extend to cover any pre-existing damage on the new property and certainly does not cover Termite and Pest infestation of any type. It is also highly unlikely that once the hammer falls at an auction and your bid price has been accepted, that you will be allowed to make the sale conditional upon you having a Building Inspection carried out after the auction.

Is it not far better to spend a few dollars now by having a Pre-Auction Inspection carried out before you bid, than run the risk by not doing it and maybe costing you several thousand dollars more for undetected damage in the future?

“But the auction is taking place within the next 48 hours! Can you really have a report ready for me within that time?”

We operate six days a week. All you have to do is call Brett on 0405 327 855 and he will make sure that one of our inspectors is able to visit the property, carry out a full Pre—Auction Inspection and let you have the report, complete with photographs within 48 hours.

Remember… We have absolutely no affiliation or relationship whatsoever with any builders, vendors or estate agents! It is you who are our sole client and it is will either will help to protect your interests and your investment.